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An Expert Guide On: How To Cut Stone?


Let’s get down to business. Some of our readers may not want to read our full blog to get the answer, so here it is.

How do I cut stone?

This all depends on what type of stone you desire to cut; for example, to cut sandstone paving, granite paving, limestone paving or other related accessories, we recommend using an angle grinder, but for stone blocks, we recommend a Stihl saw with a constant supply of water to the surface and you need to pick the correct cutting blade. Please remember to wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a dust mask when using an angle grinder to ensure you’re safe.

Now, if you’re looking to cut a block of stone or create a more natural edge on your paving, we have a different suggestion. The old but gold hammer and chisel technique can be used. This involves creating a clear line on the stone or paver and then using the chisel and hammer to carefully chip away at the stone along the line, giving you complete flexibility on how you want the stone or paver to be cut. Just make sure to create a clear line in the stone or paver before you begin.

Remember, safety first. Don’t miss the chisel; it hurts……

Stone cutting tips

At RF Paving, we’re committed to providing you with the best advice, products, and services. In this section of the blog, we’re not just going to give you a standard list of recommended cutting techniques; that’s boring, and we are definitely not boring….. we hope.

Our goal is to provide you with stone cutting tips and tricks from the experts in the trade. So, I have included some advice from the seasoned professionals below.

As a side note, the equipment professionals use to cut stone is a stihl saw or an angle grinder for more delicate cuts.

Tom at Howards Way says…

“The key when cutting stone, especially stone flags, is to go right through. Many people go from one end to the next, repeating the process until they cut through, but the problem with doing it this way is that it risks cracking and damaging the stone.

Tom at Howards Expert advice for cutting stone.

“After setting up where you want to cut the stone, score the line you want to cut, then slowly cut right through the stone in one continuous motion; this way, you will get a clean cut every time.”


Callum at Yorkshire Premier Construction¬† says…

“The main thing when cutting stone or porcelain is to ensure you have the correct blade because that can be the difference between a clean, professional cut and a messy DIY cut. When you have the correct blade, it’s always helpful to have water on the stone to reduce dust and then score the stone or paver with a nail or straight edge to ensure a straight cut.”

Callum at Yorkshire Premier Construction Expert advice for cutting stone.

” Set up your cutting station, where you have plenty of room under the flag or stone so you don’t damage the blade.¬† We do this with breeze blocks. Then, when you have everything set up, score your line, cut the stone, and use only two movements. The first should go halfway through the paver, and the second should be the final cut.”

Expert trick of the trade by Callum at Yorkshire Premiere Construction.

“in most cases, of course not all, but in most cases, you will get a better cut if you take the piece of stone to where it’s meant to be and then score it there instead of measuring the size.


Final Notes

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on how to cut stone. Know you have learned from the Experts, you have all the tools in your shed to tackle any stone cutting project and if you would prefer a professional quotation, give¬† on of our contractors a ring! they will be happy to help out and if you need any further information in regards to any of the products we sell, please don’t hessite to ask and check out our natural stone range today!


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