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Project Paving

Find natural stone paving slabs to fit your unique garden, patio or driveway with our project paving packs. 

Containing an assortment of different-sized natural stone paving slabs, you can create eye-catching visuals in your garden or simply find the right tiles for the shape of your terrace. 

We offer project paving in a number of natural stone types, including our Kandla grey, Lalitpur yellow and Modak sandstone collections. 

Whether you’re creating a dynamic pathway or a natural stone driveway, buy project paving for intriguing landscaping designs today.

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Experience the Artistry of Project Packs

A Symphony of Sizes and Shapes

Our project packs are like a symphony, where each different-sized paving slab plays a unique note, contributing to the overall melody of your outdoor space. The versatility of our packs allows you to play with sizes and shapes, creating intricate designs that can range from traditional to modern, and simple to complex, depending on your style and preferences.


Tailor-made for Your Outdoor Projects

In our quest to provide the best solutions for your hardscaping needs, we have curated a selection of project packs. Our RF7 Project Packs cater to those who love precision and uniformity, offering slabs calibrated to a thickness of 22mm and covering an area of 19.19 SQM.

For those who lean towards a more natural, organic look, we have the RF8 Project Packs. Uncalibrated and sporting thicknesses ranging from 21mm to 28mm, they cover an area of 21.5 SQM, offering an authentic, rustic charm.

If sleek and modern is more your style, our RF6 Project Packs are the perfect fit. Calibrated to a smooth 18mm thickness, these packs cover an impressive 22 SQM area.


Celebrating the Colours of Nature

Our project packs celebrate the diverse colours of nature. Be it the deep, mysterious tones of Kota Black Limestone, the soft, elegant greys of Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving, or the lively, earthy shades of Raj Green Sandstone Paving, there’s a colour for every mood and setting.

For those who are drawn to the warm hues of autumn, our Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving is an ideal choice. The Rippon Sandstone Paving offers a colourful mix of shades, while the Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Paving brings a sunny warmth to your outdoor space. And for those seeking something distinctly unique, the Mint Fossil Sandstone Paving adds a fresh, vibrant touch.

Our project packs are not just paving solutions; they’re a creative tool that allows you to design your dream outdoor space. With a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colours, you can craft a space that is truly reflective of your style and stands out in its beauty and uniqueness.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are project packs?

Project packs are curated collections of different-sized paving slabs, designed to offer flexibility and versatility in the design of outdoor spaces.

What are the different types of project packs you offer?

We offer three types of project packs: RF7, RF8, and RF6. RF7 Project Packs are calibrated to a thickness of 22mm and cover an area of 19.19 SQM. RF8 Project Packs are uncalibrated, with thicknesses ranging from 21mm to 28mm, and cover 21.5 SQM. RF6 Project Packs are calibrated to 18mm thickness and cover an area of 22 SQM.

What colours do your project packs come in?

Our project packs come in a variety of colours including Kota Black Limestone, Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving, Raj Green Sandstone Paving, Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving, Rippon Sandstone Paving, Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Paving, and Mint Fossil Sandstone Paving.

Can I choose the colour and type of my project pack?

Yes, you can choose both the colour and type of your project pack based on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

What designs can I create with these project packs?

The beauty of our project packs lies in their versatility. You can create a variety of designs ranging from geometrically precise patios to charmingly irregular pathways, depending on the sizes and shapes of the slabs in the pack.

Can these project packs be used for both modern and traditional designs?

Absolutely! The variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colours in our project packs makes them suitable for creating both modern and traditional designs.

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