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All Natural Stone Paving

From classic limestone to rustic sandstone, our collection of natural stone paving offers a diverse selection of natural stone options to suit any aesthetic preference and landscaping vision. 

Each stone is carefully selected for its unique characteristics, ensuring every paving project exudes charm and sophistication. With a variety of colours and textures available, including granite, limestone, Indian stone and sandstone, we have something to suit every home’s unique aesthetic. 

Engineered for durability and resilience, our natural stone paving is designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use while retaining its natural beauty and integrity over time. 

Explore our exquisite range of natural stone paving designs and take the first step towards bringing your landscaping vision to life.

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How to Lay Natural Stone Paving

Learn how to build a natural stone patio, drive or pathway with the following easy steps:

  1. Lay your slabs out dry first to get an idea of how they will look and plan accordingly.
  2. Ensure your paving will have a deliberate slant toward a gully, drain, or drop-off point for rainwater.
  3. Dig your site. A depth of 150mm is usually recommended for paving that is flush with the ground.
  4. Lay a 100mm layer of a Type 1 MOT such as gravel or crushed stone and level with a plate compactor.
  5. Add your mortar mixture.
  6. Position each natural stone paving slab one at a time.
  7. Level your slabs using a rubber mallet.
  8. Repeat, cutting your slabs where needed. Our stone-cutting tools can help with this.
  9. Brush our jointing compound between your slabs for added stability.
  10. Finish with paving sealant to protect from weather damage. 


See our guide to laying paving for further advice. 


How to Clean Natural Stone Paving


Achieve spotless natural stone paving with our PH neutral natural stone cleaner. Simply sweep away any debris on your patio, path or driveway, then scrub with our natural stone cleaner. If you choose to pressure wash, do so with caution, at a distance of at least half a metre. 


What are the Main Types of Stone Pavers?


Natural stone pavers, a speciality of RF Paving, are a preferred choice for homeowners and landscapers throughout the UK. The allure of these pavers lies in the broad spectrum of stone types that are categorized as ‘natural stone’. This category spans four main stone types, each with its unique attributes:


  • Limestone: Known for its durability and versatility, limestone is often used for patios and pathways due to its naturally non-slip surface.
  • Sandstone: This natural stone is popular for its unique patterns and colour variations. It’s ideal for adding a unique aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space.
  • Indian stone is a sandstone type that is quarried in India and is beloved for its eye-catching veining and numerous colour options.
  • Granite: Renowned for its strength and durability, granite is a perfect choice for high-traffic areas like driveways
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