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Porcelain Paving

Crafted with precision and using only the finest sourced materials, our exclusive porcelain paving selection offers a bespoke fusion of style and functionality for any outdoor setting.

From avant-garde contemporary designs to timeless classics, our collection of natural stone paving boasts an array of porcelain slabs, ensuring a truly bespoke solution to elevate your outdoor space.

Choose from large format porcelain slabs, premium Italian porcelain or wood effect porcelain to give you a high-end, textured finish. Our slabs come available in various sizes, including 600x600cm, 800x800cm and 900x900cm, giving you the variety you need to bring your vision to life.

Discover the perfect statement paving to enrich the beauty and functionality of your landscape design with RF Paving.

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With an easy application and colours and styles to suit all aesthetics, it’s never been easier to create a sleek and modern outdoor space. Plus, the use of external porcelain pavers can be combined with indoor porcelain; creating a seamless look and creating a flow between the interior and exterior of your property.

We pride ourselves on the consistency of both colour and texture of our external porcelain tiles, allowing you to create an even and flawless finish in your outdoor space. Plus, all porcelain pavers are meticulously created to be the same size and depth, giving you crisp, sharp lines for a modern finish while making them easy to install – even by amateurs!

Check out our how to lay porcelain paving guide for more information!


Porcelain paving makes the perfect solution for patios and high traffic outdoor areas thanks to it’s extreme durability. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about slipping over in adverse conditions as it’s incredibly slip-resistant – in fact all of our porcelain paving slabs are R11 slip rated!


Looking for a different material for the front of your property? Our vitrified porcelain pavers make the perfect surface for driveways! With exceptional strength, you needn’t worry about damaging your new driveway with the weight of vehicles. Plus porcelain paving slabs are scratch-resistant and weather resistant so they’ll stay looking brand new for years to come.


External porcelain pavers are the most premium products available in landscaping today. No other material offers the same strength, weather-resistance or contemporary finish that vitrified porcelain paving does. Discover the benefits of porcelain pavers below:

  • Exceptional strength – our external porcelain pavers will last for many years
  • Sleek modern look with colours and finishes to suit all aesthetics
  • Extremely low-maintenance material
  • Weather resistant – no need to worry about cracks appearing during cold weather
  • Scratch resistant – stays looking brand new for years
  • Non-slip material – perfect for all-weather use on patios and driveways
  • Doesn’t require sealing like natural stone paving slabs

Still not convinced? Check out our helpful article to discover why you should choose external porcelain pavers.


Here at RF Paving, you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect porcelain pavers for your property. We stock hundreds of colours, styles and finishes, including wood-effect porcelain paving and marble-effect porcelain paving, plus many more. Order your sample today, or contact us with any enquiries you have – our friendly team are more than happy to help!

Porcelain Paving FAQs
What is Porcelain Paving

Porcelain paving is a man-made paving material formed from clay, sand and minerals baked in a specialist oven, resulting in durable, non-porous tiles and pavers. See our guide to porcelain paving to learn more about this versatile material and how it can transform your landscaping and home.

How to Choose Porcelain Paving?

Selecting the right porcelain paving requires careful consideration of aesthetics, durability and size.


When choosing the colour and pattern of your paving, consider the preexisting look of your space, the style you are aiming for and the atmosphere you would like to create. Marble effect porcelain may be perfect for a garden with classical influences while wood effect can create an earthy atmosphere.


When choosing the thickness of your pavers, consider the area you’ll be paving. If the area will experience regular wear or tear, or heavy pressure, such as a driveway, thick slabs will be needed.

<Image/graphic suggestion, diagram of different paving slab thicknesses>

You’ll also want to select the correct size of pavers, measuring the area you plan to pave carefully before picking out your tiles. Our large format tiles are perfect for driveway, patio or courtyard flooring.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Paving?

Porcelain paving, a versatile and elegant option, has recently gained significant popularity. 


Below, we share the pros and cons of porcelain paving so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right materials for your outdoor space.


  • Exceptional strength, making them excellent for driveways and high foot traffic areas
  • Sleek modern look with colours and finishes to suit all aesthetics
  • Extremely low-maintenance material
  • Weather resistant, meaning no need to worry about cracks appearing during cold weather
  • Scratch-resistant, ensuring that they will stay looking brand new for years to come
  • Non-slip material, perfect for all-weather use on patios and driveways

Doesn’t require sealing like natural stone paving slabs

How to Lay Porcelain Paving

Create a flawless porcelain patio, drive or pathway with our instructions:


  1. Measure and mark out the space you’ll be paving with wooden pegs.
  2. Remove vegetation, roots or other obstacles.
  3. Level the ground with a spirit level, incorporating a tilt for rain drainage.
  4. Rake your surface and compact it with a roller.
  5. Lay a sub base such as crushed limestone or crushed concrete. The heavier your paving is, the deeper your sub base needs to be.
  6. Apply firm, not sloppy, mortar to your sub base – enough for one tile.
  7. Apply porcelain primer to the back of your tile.
  8. Lay your porcelain tile one corner at a time.
  9. Tamp the tile down using a rubber mallet.
  10. Ensure your tile is flat using a spirit level.
  11. Remove any excess primer or mortar with a wet sponge.
  12. Continue laying pavers using a joint spacer to ensure they are 3-7mm apart. 
  13. Apply a porcelain grout to the joints to secure them further.
  14. Brush off any excess and leave for 24 hours. 


See our guide to laying porcelain paving outdoors for further details.

How to Clean Porcelain Paving Slabs

Porcelain paving slabs are wonderfully low maintenance, but as with any outdoor flooring, dirt can accumulate. Luckily, cleaning your porcelain pavers is simple. 


Most dirt can be easily scrubbed away with a simple solution of soap and water, while our porcelain cleaners tackle more stubborn stains. Our cleaners also leave behind a protective layer to prevent further staining in the future. 

Our paving and patio cleaning guide can give you further advice.

How to Cut Porcelain Paving Slabs

If your porcelain paving slabs need to be cut to size, or reshaped, this can be easily achieved with our internal cutting blades and the steps below.

  1. Measure and mark the area of the porcelain slab that you want to cut off with a wax pencil.
  2. Fit your porcelain cutting blade to your angle grinder, ensuring a tight fit. A continuous rim blade will give you the smoothest cut.
  3. Once you have cut your slab, add a chamfer (transitional edge) to reduce the risk of chipping.
  4. Clean away and dispose of your porcelain scraps.
  5. Now you can begin the process of laying your paving.


For further guidance, see our blog ‘How to Cut Porcelain Paving’.

What is Wood Effect Porcelain Paving?

Wood effect porcelain paving has the earthy brown tones and grain-like patterns of wood, while still being made entirely of durable, low maintenance porcelain. Now you can enjoy the aesthetics of wood without the risk of weather-wear and rotting.

What is Premium Porcelain Paving?

Our premium porcelain paving is an exclusive assortment that showcases the crème de la crème of porcelain tiles from various corners of the world, carefully chosen for discerning individuals who value unmatched craftsmanship and style. With their distinctive elegance and superior durability, our premium porcelain pavers are designed to leave a lasting impression.


Choose your perfect porcelain paving from RF Paving’s stunning selection today.

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