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Sandstone Kerb Edging

Our sandstone kerb edgings provide strong support to your patio, driveway or flowerbed. With natural durability and resilience to all weathers, sandstone edging will perfectly protect your landscaping. 

Not only that, but sandstone edgings bring a stylish outline to outdoor spaces. Choose sandstone slabs that match the rest of your paving, or choose a different colour for kerb edging that gives a striking contrast.

Sandstone is also an eco-friendly kerb edging choice as it’s naturally sourced rather than man-made, meaning lower carbon emissions.

Protect and neaten your paved areas, flowerbeds and more with sandstone edging.

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Sandstone Kerb Edgings: A Timeless Touch to your Landscape

Why Choose Sandstone Kerb Edgings?

There’s something undeniably charming about a well-defined landscape. Our Sandstone Kerb Edgings, available in project packs, offer just the right finishing touch, adding structure and elegance to your outdoor spaces.

From the sophisticated Kandla Grey to the vibrant Mint Fossil, the earthy Raj Green, and the multi-tonal Rippon, these edgings come in a spectrum of colours that beautifully blend with the natural environment. They serve as an excellent alternative to traditional edging products, lending a unique character to gardens, driveways, and walkways.


The Unmatched Appeal of Sandstone

Sandstone, a natural stone, has been favoured by architects and landscapers for its timeless appeal and durability. Our Sandstone Kerb Edgings embody these qualities, promising not just aesthetics but also long-lasting performance.

Sourced from various parts of the world, including India and Ireland, these kerb edgings carry a piece of their homeland’s distinct charm. The natural texture, combined with finishes such as smooth or riven, gives each piece a unique identity.

Creating Defined Spaces with Sandstone Kerb Edgings

Our project packs of Sandstone Kerb Edgings are designed to help you create captivating outdoor spaces with well-defined boundaries. These edgings offer a seamless transition between different areas in your garden, driveway, or pathway, enhancing their visual appeal and functionality.

The robust nature of sandstone makes these kerb edgings resistant to weather conditions, ensuring they retain their beauty through the seasons. So, whether you’re looking to add structure to your garden, define your driveway, or enhance your pathways, our Sandstone Kerb Edgings are the perfect choice.



Frequently Asked Questions
What are Sandstone Kerb Edgings?

Sandstone Kerb Edgings are natural stone products used to define and structure outdoor spaces like gardens, driveways, and walkways. They come in a variety of colours and finishes, adding an elegant touch to your landscape.

Why should I choose Sandstone Kerb Edgings?

Sandstone Kerb Edgings offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. They are durable, weather-resistant, and come in a variety of colours including Kandla Grey, Mint Fossil, Raj Green, and Rippon. These edgings enhance the visual appeal of your space while creating well-defined boundaries.

Where do Sandstone Kerb Edgings come from?

Our Sandstone Kerb Edgings are sourced from various parts of the world, including India and Ireland. Each piece carries a piece of its homeland’s distinct charm.

Are Sandstone Kerb Edgings durable?

Yes, Sandstone Kerb Edgings are made from high-quality sandstone, promising long-lasting performance and resistance against all types of weather conditions.

What colours do Sandstone Kerb Edgings come in?

Sandstone Kerb Edgings come in a spectrum of colours, including Kandla Grey, Mint Fossil, Raj Green, and Rippon, beautifully blending with the natural environment.

Can I use Sandstone Kerb Edgings in my garden?

Absolutely! Sandstone Kerb Edgings are perfect for adding structure to your garden, defining your driveway, or enhancing your pathways. Their natural texture and colour variations can complement any landscape design.

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