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An Expert Guide: What is Natural Stone Paving? | RF Paving

An Expert Guide: What is Natural Stone Paving?

When it comes to paving, natural stone provides a beautiful and practical addition to a garden, terrace, or outdoor space. Natural stone paving is excellently suited to various landscaping styles thanks to its sustainability, aesthetics, and wide range of colours and types. 

Are you considering natural stone for your new paving project? In this guide, we’ll unpack some of the stunning stone pavers available to you, as well as how to lay them perfectly and maintain them for years to come.

What is Natural Stone Paving?

Natural stone paving refers to paving slabs, tiles, or cobbles that have been quarried and cut directly from natural stone, such as sandstone or granite. Because they are naturally formed rather than man-made, natural stone is sustainable for the environment and well suited to handling rough weather. 

Types of Natural Stone Pavers

One of the many benefits of natural stone paving is the wide variety available, which allows natural stone to accommodate a range of needs, aesthetics, and settings.

Granite Stone Paving

Granite is a fantastic choice for stylish paving, requiring little maintenance. Thanks to its low absorption, it’s durable and has water resistance and stain resistance, meaning cleaning is kept to a minimum. 

Each granite stone paver is unique, too, offering a distinct pattern and colour variation of its own.

Explore our gorgeous granite paving collection today.

Sandstone Paving

Our sandstone pavers are available in a rainbow of colours to suit your tastes. Greens, greys, oranges, yellows and blacks – we’re sure to have a shade that complements your space. Not to mention the irresistible patterns that add flair to a pathway, driveway or patio. 

Discover RF’s stunning sandstone collection now. 

Limestone Paving

Bringing undeniable glamour to a garden, limestone offers a shine that enhances any paved area. Despite this appearance, limestone has a fine natural grain and fast-drying surface, making it highly slip-resistant and perfect for areas with high foot traffic. 

Discover lovely limestone from RF today. 

Indian Stone Paving

Indian stone paving is a fabulous choice for those who want to stand out, as these pavers are beloved for their incredibly unique colours and patterns. These include stormy and striking Kandla Grey, sleek and sophisticated Kota Black, warm and charming Autumn Brown, and sunrise-hued Lalitpur Yellow, to mention only a few. 

Explore Indian stone paving for your patio or driveway with RF today. 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Stone Paving?

When paving your outdoor space, you want to make the perfect choice to suit your wants and needs, so weighing the benefits and disadvantages is key for creating your dream landscaping.

Benefits of Stone Paving

Aesthetic Appeal

Natural stone’s various types and colours are a huge part of its appeal. Plus, natural patterning, veining, and dappling enhance the charm.


Natural stone is sourced naturally rather than man-made. It contains no harmful toxins and doesn’t require polluting manufacturing processes.


Natural stone is dense and strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Thanks to its low absorption, it’s also resistant to all weather conditions. 

Disadvantages of Stone Paving


Stone paving can fade over time, thanks to the sun. However, you can preserve the gorgeous colour of your stone paving with our stone sealants.


Due to the high quality of natural stone paving, costs can be higher than other paving options. This is particularly true for rarer natural stones. However, the quality and beauty often make the costs worthwhile. 

Natural Stone vs Porcelain Paving: What’s the Difference?

Of course, natural stone isn’t the only excellent paving option available. Man-made porcelain is stunning, non-porous and strong, offering a variety of designs including marble and wood effect

See our porcelain paving guide to learn more about this paving option, or see our guide comparing porcelain to natural stone to judge which is the best paving choice for you. 

Think porcelain paving might be the right fit? Discover porcelain pavers with RF today. 

What are Natural Stone Paving Slabs Most Suitable For?

Natural stone paving is incredibly versatile, working well for pathways, patios, courtyards and more. Thicker, large format stone pavers are stronger, making them ideal for driveways while natural stone edgings can create a border for flowerbeds and ponds. 

Natural stone paving can also be used to create garden steps or as copings to protect your garden walls. 

How to Lay Natural Stone Paving

Once you’ve selected your natural stone paving, you’ll want to lay it immaculately.

  1. Clear the area to be paved of any obstacles or obstructions.
  2. Measure the area accurately, marking it out with pegs.
  3. Lay your paving out dry to see how it will look.
  4. Dig the site to allow for a 150mm sub-layer, ensuring a slight slope for water drainage.
  5. Add a capping layer of crushed stone compacted with a plate compactor.
  6. Apply enough mortar to the sub-base for an individual slab.
  7. Lay each slab one by one. 
  8. Check that the slabs are level using a spirit level and tap into place with a mallet.
  9. Once the slabs are laid and set, fill the joints with paving grout, cleaning off any excess. 
  10. Leave for one day before walking on your paving. 


How to Clean Natural Stone Paving Slabs

Natural stone paving is very low maintenance, so cleaning won’t be needed often. You can follow our simple steps when you feel your paving needs a refresh. 

  1. Sweep away debris.
  2. Scrub with a stiff brush and soapy water.
  3. Mix one of our natural stone patio cleaners with water for more difficult-to-remove dirt.


Explore RF Paving’s Collection of Natural Stone Pavings

RF Pavings offers natural stone pavers in various sizes, styles and types. Browse paving slabs ranging from 600 x 600 to 600 x 1200, along with natural stone cobbles, edgings, steps, coping stones and more.

Choose beautiful natural stone paving for your outdoor space today with RF pavings. We’re happy to advise on any paving queries when you contact us, or you can peruse our blog to discover more.



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