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What Are Coping Stones & How Can I Use Them?

Stone Copings Stone Copings

At RF Paving, we stock a huge range of Stones, Paving, Slabs, and any other surfaces that you may need to use on your landscaping project. Whether it’s a simple arrangement in your back garden or part of a much larger and more elaborate task, we’re confident that we have the products, and the in-house know-how to help you get your project underway.

One such product is a Coping Stone. Coping Stones are a vital part of many landscaping projects (particularly in wall construction) and, surprisingly, they’re one of our most under-looked products. Today, we’re going to go into more detail about what exactly Coping Stones do, and how you can use them to ensure a long-lasting, quality finish on your project.

What Are Coping Stones?

Coping Stones are a flat stone used to finish a walling job. They can be completely flat or curved, and you’ll almost always find them on top of a wall construction. They’re the main part of a coping, the highest layer on any free-standing wall. While many people still see them as an attractive finish or ‘capping’ of a wall, Coping Stones actually provide a very important functional purpose as well.

It’s far more important in some places than in others, but for the majority of landscaping projects on British soil, the effect of the weather is a constant consideration. Coping Stones and free-standing walls are no different.

Coping Stones are used to prevent rainfall from penetrating the newly assembled wall. While it’s true that they can be used to add a touch of glamour to a patio boundary or perfect a cool finish in the garden, these should be secondary thoughts: primarily, Coping Stones are used to protect your materials from the elements.

How Are Coping Stones Used?

We’ll begin by focusing on the functional way that Coping Stones are used. First of all, coping stones add another layer of protection to your free-standing wall. They bind different parts of the wall together and, as we’ve already mentioned, prevent rainfall from penetrating the interior.

On top of that, they make your wall stronger and more resilient to extreme weather. UK homes get battered by every type of extreme weather imaginable, including gale-force winds, freezing temperatures, and heavy rainfall; Coping Stones help to keep your wall safe.

Secondly, Coping Stones can transform a drab, featureless fence into an eye-catching piece. Many people elect to use brick walls as the fence around their home. First impressions count and finishing your fencing with a marvellous, contemporary Coping Stone always adds a touch of class to a property.

Different Types of Coping Stones

But not all types of Coping and Coping Stones are created equally, and many different materials and processes are used to create a range of different products.

Flat Coping is the minimalist style, and also happens to be one of the most affordable styles of Coping Stone. They come in a range of colours and can even be combined with walls designed for sitting, railing, or super-modern finishes.

A slightly more practical type of coping is the once-weathered coping. This coping is used to control the direction of the rainwater, ensuring that it doesn’t penetrate the wall and that it doesn’t gather on top of the surface either. As the name suggests, the rainwater only flows in one direction, which is handy when there’s a certain area you’d rather not flood with rainwater.

Twice-weathered coping, as you’ve already guessed, shifts rainwater in two different directions, and are typically V-shaped. Functionally, this provides even more protection to your wall, but it also gives the creator more artistic freedom to work with. Since there are two different ways to tackle rainwater, there are new ways to add character and style to the design, and for that reason, twice-weathered copings tend to be far more ornate than their once-weathered siblings.

Victorian copings and cottage wall copings can also be used on less modern homes, helping your new landscaping feature blend in with the traditional feel of the property.

RF Landscape Products and High-Quality Coping

Regardless of which type of coping stone you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect match for your project at our RF Paving showrooms. Our coping stones naturally complement the paving stones we stock. As well as adding a touch of elegance and style to your project, the materials are also strong, brittle, and designed to endure the worst of what the British weather can throw at it.

Contact us today to find out more about our coping stones, and how we can manufacture coping stones in bespoke finishes and sizes to suit your paving project. Or shop our extensive range of Stone Landscaping Accessories today and add those finishes touches to your designs!


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