Pro Priming Slurry

To paste on back of pavers to help adhere to mortar bed. To be used on Sandstone and Porcelain Paving.

£34.20 inc VAT (£28.50 ex VAT)
Product Information

Introducing the UltraScape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer, a superior paving solution meticulously engineered to establish an exceptional bond between your paving elements and the mortar bed. This product also serves to enhance the bond between your roadbase and the mortar bed layer, ensuring a robust and lasting foundation for all your paving requirements.

Traditionally, paving elements would be directly laid onto the mortar bed. However, this method can lead to potential issues due to general wear and tear and increased traffic load-bearing. Such issues could result in costly and high-profile failures. The UltraScape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer is innovatively designed to eliminate these risks, providing you with a more secure, resilient, and long-lasting paving solution.


The UltraScape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer offers a host of key benefits:


  • It establishes an exceptional bond between the bedding concretes and all types of paving elements, enhancing the overall stability and longevity of your paving projects.
  • It is incredibly user-friendly, requiring only the addition of water on-site to prepare the primer for application.
  • It adheres to all BS 7533 compliance standards, ensuring its performance meets rigorous industry safety and quality requirements.
  • It offers a quick and easy application process, saving you valuable time and reducing labor costs.
  • As part of the UltraScape streetscape system, it guarantees compatibility with other UltraScape products and reduces split liability.

Technical Specifications:

UltraScape Pro-Prime comes pre-blended in 20kg bags. With just the simple addition of water on-site, it transforms into a liquid slurry paste. This paste can be applied to the underside of all paving elements at a thickness of 1mm to 2mm, immediately before their placement on the mortar bed.

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Important Paving Batch Information

Natural Stone Disclaimer

As suggested in the name, natural stone is a natural product that has been formed over many years therefore, a variation in colour is to be expected. We have tried to capture the products colour and have been as accurate as photography will allow us. We do encourage you to also view a sample of this product or come and visit one of our many displays. If you have any questions about the variation, then please contact us and we will do our very best to assist. We want you to be 100% satisfied but we cannot help you if you have laid this product. Therefore, please get into contact with us if you have any problems when receiving the product.


To ensure consistency in texture and batch color for your porcelain paving project, we strongly advise placing your entire order at once. If your current project is an extension of a previous one, kindly get in touch with us. We’re more than willing to discuss the most optimal options to ensure an ideal match.

For your convenience and future reference, we advise maintaining a record of the ‘batch color code’ associated with your delivered porcelain. This  piece of information can be located on the porcelain’s packaging box, typically appearing as a number followed by a letter, or a six-digit number. Keeping track of this code will greatly facilitate your reordering process, ensuring a consistent match if additional stock is required in the future.

Regarding samples, please be aware that there may be slight colour variances between the sample provided and the final product, owing to differences in batch shades. If you’re looking to place an immediate order, we recommend requesting a sample from our current stock. This way, we can reserve your order to guarantee the best possible match for your project.