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Using different styles of paving in the same space

New Growth Gardens Design - Porcelain Pavers New Growth Gardens Design - Porcelain Pavers

If you’re thinking about updating your outdoor space, there’s a chance you might have considered adding some paving to your garden, and you would be right to do so. Not only can paving provide a practical area within the space, it can also boost your garden’s appearance too.

With so many varieties of paving – from the materials, the shapes, styles and patterns – choosing the perfect paving for your home can be difficult. That being said, many homeowners are now choosing to use a number of different paving styles within the same space, for various different reasons. Perhaps this could be a trend worth looking into.

For anyone interested in the idea of using different types of paving in one outdoor space, we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why other homeowners have adopted this idea in their own gardens.

Add a pop of colour throughout the paving space

Many homeowners choose to add some colour accents into certain areas of their paved space, through the use of two or more different types of paving. This is usually done by investing in the same size and material of paving, with the odd block being a different colour to the rest.

With colour accents, you can create a contemporary look in your garden, whilst also applying something a little different, a little unique. With colour accents in your paving, you can really make the space as personal to you as possible, by choosing what colours to add in and how much of that colour too.

Top tip: Keep the base colour neutral – think creams, greys and beiges or example. Then, use a contrasting paving colour to create the accent.

Create unique patterns in the paving

Some of the more artistic of homeowners make use of different types of paving, by creating unique patterns in their outdoor space, and you can do so too! Whether you’ve had a particular design in mind for some time, or you fancy trying something completely freehand – using different pieces of paving is a fantastic way of adding something truly unique to your outdoor space.

Determine different sections of your outdoor space

One of the best ways to really make the most of your outdoor space is to dedicate certain areas within it to certain activities or family members. You might find a particular area to be perfect for a kids play area, another might be ideal for a dining and entertainment space, whereas somewhere else in the garden could have a fantastic setting for some summertime relaxing.

One way in which you can differentiate from one area of the space to another is through the use of different paving stones. Many homeowners like to introduce a lot of one type of paving into the dining area, along with a few different types of paving throughout the rest of the space to symbolise the end of one section and the start of another.

This doesn’t necessarily mean covering the entire garden in paving. You could use small paving stones to create borders between various sections, or you could create pathways that lead from one to the other. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to do this, but it’s certainly worthwhile thinking about how you could utilise various paving styles to section out your garden for different needs and purposes.

These examples are just a few of the ways in which many homeowners, like you, choose to use different styles of paving in one single space. Whether you’re struggling to decide between a few different types, or you simply don’t like the idea of using one type of paving in your garden, these tips should help to give you some direction for updating your own outdoor space.

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