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Why Choose Porcelain Pavers? All the facts!


Here at RF we love everything about Natural Stone. Its exquisite beauty is something that is individual to its state, with every piece been under the earth’s surface for many years. However there is a new product to the market!!!

Italian External Porcelain is a stunning alternative to Natural Stone. The Porcelain Pavers have many advantages and also individual characteristics that makes it one of the most premium products in the UK today.

–          The Porcelain Pavers can withstand sudden temperature changes making them particularly useful when the cold and frosty weather comes around. The Pavers are not effected in the ever changing weather therefore will not deteriorate in quality over time.

–          They are highly resistant to mildew, moss and algae which makes these pavers much more low maintenance in regards to cleaning.

–          The Porcelain pavers can withstand as much weight per slab as any Natural Sandstone. This makes Porcelain suitable for any home projects and also for use in commercial areas.

–          They do not require any additional methods of maintenance such as sealing.

–          The Porcelain Pavers are highly resistant to fertilisers, chemicals and salts which only adds to the advantage of the product been low maintenance.

–          We offer a Porcelain Grout that has the same properties as the Porcelain ensuring that your patio looks great all year round! It is a water repellent grout that has anti mould growth technology which ensures that the grout can keep up with the low maintenance features of the Porcelain.

–          Porcelain will not change its characteristics as time goes on. This means that the colour will not fade in the sunlight which is usually a problem that occurs with darker coloured Natural Stone.

–          It is EASY TO CLEAN and LOW MAINTENANCE as the Porcelain does not absorb any spillages. Therefore a mild detergent and a jet wash would be more than ample to clean this product.

–          The Porcelain is available in many paving sizes, so if larger format tiles are required then please ask and we can provide these for you using our bespoke service.

–          We offer a bespoke range that complements the Porcelain pavers such as drainage crates, corner pieces, bull nosing of the slabs, and much more. If you require these bespoke items then please contact us for more information.

–           We have a large range of matching Porcelain in Interior floor tiles. We call this range our IN AND OUT RANGE. This range is ideal for bi-folding doors. All of our interior tiles are now available on

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