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8 Ideas for Landscaping with Rocks and Boulders

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Large rocks and boulders can create a rather effective addition to any landscaping project. Whether you’re hoping for a dramatic attraction or a natural feel to your manmade garden design, there’s plenty of ways to utilise rocks and boulders to meet your needs.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted 8 of our favourite ways in which rocks and boulders are often used in landscaping. Take inspiration from these creative ideas and why not use some of your personal favourites in your own outdoor space.

1. In amongst flower beds

Whilst many enjoy a flower bed that’s abundant in various plants and flowers, others prefer to break up the variety with additional elements. For large, spacious flower beds, introduce a few rocks or boulders in amongst the plants, to create a more natural look to the display.

If you’re creating a brand new flower bed, consider positioning the rocks and boulders to begin with, before arranging the plants and flowers around them, for better precision in your landscaping design.

2. By bends in pathways

Create an experience for friends, family and other visitors to your garden, by placing large boulders at bends in your pathway. It will help to break up the scenery from one bend to another, so there’s always something new to experience around the corner.

This particular landscaping idea also works well for those who are looking to create a little bit of privacy from one section of their garden to another. You could be entertaining in one area whilst your older children relax in another – the boulders at the bends will help to create a little more privacy between the two garden experiences.

3. As part of a water feature

Create a unique water feature of your own through the use of rocks and boulders in different shapes and sizes. Allow the water to flow over the natural stone and into a pool at their feet. Alternatively, if you would rather buy a pre-made water feature, you could position the boulders next to it for a more dramatic effect. Add in some plants and lighting and there you have a fantastic decorative addition to your garden.

4. In between different levels

Whether you have a naturally uneven garden with a steep incline or descent, or if you’ve purposely added in varying levels as part of your landscaping project, large rocks and boulders are perfect for separating each of the levels within the space.

Many homeowners with steep levels throughout their garden choose to install boulders into the soil between each level, to add some style to what is a rather awkward type of garden to work with. Some choose to install the boulders on their own, whereas others have paired them with the likes of ivy and grassy bushes, along with the odd bright flower for a pop of colour.

5. To separate different garden areas

If you are hoping to add a few different areas to your outdoor space, why not separate them using large rocks and boulders? Mixed in with various flowers, this will create a lovely natural separation between your entertainment area, your relaxing spaces and your children’s’ play area, for example.

You could choose to have a pathway running through a gap in the middle of the rocky borders, or you could have one skirting the sides of them instead.

6. As staircases

With the use of large, flat natural rocks, you could incorporate a rather stunning and natural-looking staircase to your garden. This particular use for large rocks looks particularly lovely when tall plants, trees and flowers hug the edges of the staircase – a fantastic choice for anyone looking to create a natural, almost wild look to their garden.

7. Create wildlife havens

You may have your bird feeders and bird baths in place, but if you’re hoping to attract more wildlife into your garden, rocks and boulders could certainly help. With these additions, you could create a natural looking shelter for the likes of hedgehogs and frogs. Position in more overgrown areas with plenty of access to water and leaves, and you’ll have a wildlife haven that plenty of species will visit.

8. As a homemade fire pit surround

If you enjoy entertaining and socialising in your garden, then a fire pit is a must for you. With the help of a warming and engaging fire pit, you and your guests will be happy to stay outside for hours longer, making the most of your garden and the time spent together.

If you’re looking for a unique fire pit or perhaps one that’s slighter larger than what you can find in the shops, you can easily make your own fire pit with the use of large rocks and boulders as its surround. If you have the space, you could even create a seating area in close proximity to the fire pit using large boulders, too.

Large rocks and boulders allow you to get a little creative with your garden design and are perfect for anyone looking to keep the natural element there with their landscaping project. We hope that our ideas have inspired you to make use of these fantastic additions to a garden, and if you have any of your own creative suggestions, please do share them with us!

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