Porcelain Bullnosed Step Slate Piombo

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Product Information

Introduce a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space with the Porcelain Bullnosed Step – Slate Piombo. These porcelain steps, adorned with a bull-nosed finish, display a subtle light grey hue, beautifully juxtaposed by a marbled pattern across the surface. This refined combination elevates the aesthetics of any outdoor setting.

The Porcelain Bullnosed Step – Slate Piombo is designed with dimensions of 600x300x2cm. The bull-nosed detailing, a prominent feature of this product, extends along the 600 side. This distinctive design element imparts a smooth, rounded edge to the steps, enhancing their visual charm while adding a level of safety.

Prominent Features of the Porcelain Bullnosed Step – Slate Piombo:

  • Anti-Slip: Safety is paramount in the design of the Porcelain Bullnosed Steps – Slate Piombo. The steps are equipped with an anti-slip surface, ensuring a firm and secure footing even in damp or wet conditions. This feature significantly heightens the safety quotient of these steps, providing peace of mind during use.
  • Algae Resistant: Crafted from a material that resists algae growth, these steps retain a clean and fresh appearance over time. This feature minimizes the need for regular maintenance, making these steps a hassle-free addition to your garden.
  • Mould Resistant: The steps are mould-resistant, making them an ideal choice for locations prone to dampness or high humidity. This attribute ensures the steps maintain their aesthetic appeal, irrespective of the weather conditions they are exposed to.
  • Scratch Resistant: Designed to resist scratches, these steps can endure daily wear and tear while preserving their aesthetic integrity. This durability feature ensures the longevity of these steps, keeping them looking impeccable for years to come.
  • Complete Design Solution: Beyond their practical benefits, the Porcelain Bullnosed Steps – Slate Piombo offer a comprehensive design solution. They integrate seamlessly with other products in the Slate Piombo range, such as paving and wall copings, creating a visually consistent and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

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Physical Dimensions295x597x20mm
PackagingWooden pallet, plastic wrap and plastic banding strap
Suitable forExterna Use
Finish on SurfaceR11
Edge ProfileBullnosed
Material TypeVitrified Porcelain (man made with natural materials)
Place of UsePatio steps, door steps
Country of OriginItaly
SealingNot Required
Variation ScaleV2
WeightApprox. 50kg per SQM
Slip ResistanceYes
Frost ResistantYes
Joint Width Recommended3-5mm
Laying MethodFull contact mortar bed
Jointing Material (DIY)UTF Pro-Pave
Jointing Material (Advanced)Flowpoint
Primer MaterialPro Priming Slurry
Important Paving Batch Information

Natural Stone Disclaimer

As suggested in the name, natural stone is a natural product that has been formed over many years therefore, a variation in colour is to be expected. We have tried to capture the products colour and have been as accurate as photography will allow us. We do encourage you to also view a sample of this product or come and visit one of our many displays. If you have any questions about the variation, then please contact us and we will do our very best to assist. We want you to be 100% satisfied but we cannot help you if you have laid this product. Therefore, please get into contact with us if you have any problems when receiving the product.


To ensure consistency in texture and batch color for your porcelain paving project, we strongly advise placing your entire order at once. If your current project is an extension of a previous one, kindly get in touch with us. We’re more than willing to discuss the most optimal options to ensure an ideal match.

For your convenience and future reference, we advise maintaining a record of the ‘batch color code’ associated with your delivered porcelain. This  piece of information can be located on the porcelain’s packaging box, typically appearing as a number followed by a letter, or a six-digit number. Keeping track of this code will greatly facilitate your reordering process, ensuring a consistent match if additional stock is required in the future.

Regarding samples, please be aware that there may be slight colour variances between the sample provided and the final product, owing to differences in batch shades. If you’re looking to place an immediate order, we recommend requesting a sample from our current stock. This way, we can reserve your order to guarantee the best possible match for your project.


A Guide on After Care for Porcelain Paving

Keeping your paving clean and at the standard that you want can sometime be tricky, especially with the UK weather conditions. Although External Porcelain Paving is a non-porous and harder waring than Natural Stone, it is essential that the laid patio is maintained regularly. As minimum, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the paved areas around three or four times a year by simply using warm soapy water, a stiff broom, and a bit of elbow grease.

As External Porcelain has a R11 rated non-slip texture applied to the top surface, it is more tactile than an Interior Porcelain Tile, therefore, it is normal for patios created with External Porcelain to get dirty and gain marks through day-to-day use. The advantage of Porcelain Paving is that there will generally be something that will get your patio clean and back to the beautiful space that is desired. To maintain your patios appearance, it is suggested that jet washing should be regularly carried out, a minimum once a year. Shaded areas and especially areas located under trees, cleaning is likely to be required more often.

Professional companies are available to provide these types of cleaning services, but please seek professional advice before commencing, if you are planning to carry out this procedure yourself.  Due to the production process, and its ultra hardwearing qualities, Porcelain products can withstand the force of domestic high-pressure washers, but care must be taken when cleaning, especially when cleaning near the joints, as the force of the water jet may dislodge the jointing compound. As always, before cleaning the joints, seek advice on recommended cleaning methods from the manufacturers of the jointing compound that has been used.

If rust marks or discolouration left from patio furniture, planters, or any other reason, cannot be removed with washing alone, a stronger cleaning product may be needed. We stock a full range of Lithofin aftercare and cleaning products; therefore, we can literally offer solutions for most of your requirements, allowing your outside area to be back to its original condition.

If using cleaners on External Porcelain, please take care:


  • Read the label before buying to make sure the product is suitable
  • Read instructions very carefully and always seek advice from a professional if you are at all unsure of anything
  • Test a small, hidden area first
  • Wear protective clothing such gloves, eye protection, boots, and overalls
  • Ensure anyone working in the same area are protected too
  • Make sure you are outside or have good ventilation
  • Be careful not to damage, contaminate or stain any adjoining material
  • Dispose of any runoff material carefully and responsibly.

There is no need to seal External Porcelain Paving, as it is a non-porous product and even if the top surface marks and/or discolours, there will generally be a cleaning agent to remove the stains.

The above is a guide, and RF Paving cannot be responsible for damages and/or injuries caused whilst maintaining your stone. Please get in touch if you need any further advice or require more details on manufacturers guidelines.