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Why Are Limestone & Marble Floor Tiles So Popular?

Floor tiles are a practical option for your home. They are attractive to look at and easy to keep clean. There are many tiles available and they all have their merits. Therefore it is often difficult to decide which floor tile is choose for your home. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles really stand out for their many benefits, but why?

So why are limestone floor tiles and marble tiles so popular?


Limestone is a natural stone which is formed under the sea when layers of sedimentary rock are placed under extreme pressure resulting In its unique structure. Limestone’s composition ensures that it is highly durable and can withstand frequent and heavy use. Although it is able to endure intense pressure, limestone is a moderately soft stone which makes it more comfortable with which to both walk and stand, resulting in it being a popular option in comparison to other stone flooring.

Marble is metamorphic rock which is formed from limestone. Rocks that are buried deeply are subjected to intense pressure and tightly squeezed. This results in the rocks becoming heated. The minerals that the rocks contain chemically change and become metaphoric rocks. Marble is also highly durable and is an excellent choice for those who want a flooring option which will last.

Stone flooring such as limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are a wise investment because they retain their durability and last for decades. This is unlike carpet or lino which is easily tarnished. Heavy furniture will place dents in both carpet and lino. This means that furniture might have to be placed to strategically cover it once it has been moved. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are strong and will maintain a pristine appearance for years to come.

Limestone floor tiles are available to purchase in a variety of colours, shades and finishes which allow the owner to choose one that closely matches their interior choices. Limestone has a very warm and natural appearance which is very pleasing to look at. The subtle patterns and shades allow limestone tiles to be unobtrusive and fit in well with various colour schemes and patterns. In fact,the appearance of limestone is meant to improve as it ages, ensuring that the aesthetics of your flooring will only be enhanced further. Limestone floor tiles are also resistant to discolouration guaranteeing your continued peace of mind.

Marble tiles are also aesthetically pleasing with a range of colours and shades available. Marble is associated with luxury and can be seen in grand halls and decadent dining rooms in stately homes. Marble statues have survived for centuries which is testament to the durable nature of this stone. It can easily be scrubbed and polished so that it retains its appealing look. Marble tiles are sure to impress any guests that may visit. Although marble is associated with historic tastes, it is a popular choice in modern as well as traditional homes. This is because it is available in a range of contemporary shades that will fit in with modern interiors.

Both limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are very hygienic flooring solutions. This is because they are easy to maintain with a wipe-clean surface. This is unlike other flooring materials such as carpet and wood which can harbour dirt, grime and bacteria. Other flooring materials can also retain mites and allergens which exacerbate respiratory problems. Stone flooring can be effortlessly sanitised with minimal products and is resistant to mould and bacteria. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are the perfect choice for your home, particularly in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, where spillages are likely. These can be quickly moped up, causing no damage to the appearance or structural integrity of your stone floor.

Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are an excellent option because their longevity means that they are cost-effective as a flooring solution. Carpets and lino can easily become damaged which results in the whole flooring needing to be replaced. However, limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are highly durable and are unlikely to tarnish or discolour. In the rare circumstance where you discover a cracked tile, this singular tile can be replaced without incurring a large expense by having to replace the whole floor.

Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are a wise investment because of their attractive and neutral aesthetic which will suit current and future interior choices. They are also highly-durable and easy to maintain which is why they are so popular.

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