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The Creative Coasters Company

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RF Landscape Products is forever growing and expanding. We have recently partnered up with The Creative Coasters Company. They are experts in knowing what will work within your décor at your very own home. We love to make our products environmentally friendly, child friendly and something we know will help everyone out. Due to the products made from top quality marble and  Italian Porcelain materials, these  products are very easy to clean!

Why choose us?

We make sure that all our products are finished to a high standard. All our products are handmade by our very own team right here at the RF Tiles showroom, on the A19. To start the process of the products, firstly we start by cutting them all into the correct shape and sizes, and then we carefully buff the edges to finalise them to be smooth and up to standard product we require for our customers. We then take them into the cleaning process and whilst we do this, we carefully look and check for any imperfections. Then we add the feet on to each coaster by hand to finally create our finished product.

We have a section process to ensure all of our products are hand checked and we are only sending out the finest quality home dining sets!

The packaging process.

Then we get to our packaging process, this consists of putting our products into the correct sets of materials that we wrap and deliver the products in. We delicately hand tie them together into the correct sets with our luxurious Peach, Pink, Silky ribbon. The ribbon perfectly holds together our coasters in a tight pack, whilst the ribbon still gives an elegant look to the products. We chose the specific colour of a Peachy Pink, because it’s a good colour contrast with all our coaster colours and it really brings out the design and the colour to the products we created and supply. It’s a simple and elegant colour, that brings out the small details within our coasters and the rest of the ranges we have to offer.


We are proud of all the products we have and what we have created. We will continue to make products to the standard we create them at for our customers. Our aim is to expand one day to keep making those little touches of luxury to your home that you didn’t know you needed.

You can see The Creative Coasters full range at

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