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RF Landscape & Paving introduces new range of Sandstone Roofing

Sandstone Roofing Sandstone Roofing

We are delighted to introduce our new range of Sandstone Roofing. For some time, we have supplied roofing to clients on a ‘special order’ basis, however we have now designed a full range of sizes which will now be a stock item.

Product Details
Each roof tile is designed to fit a diminishing course pattern which will give your roof a quality appearance, using quality stone cute exactly for the job.

Each tile is machine calibrated to 22mm and therefore each row will lie extremely well on the roof. They can be used with or without a water table finish to the edges of the roof. However, should you wish to not have a water table, then the weight of the tiles will be sufficient to resist lifting in heavy winds. They are lighter than the unpredictable reclaimed roofing and similar in weight to reproduction stone roofing therefore there is no need for upgrading of roof timbers.

Our range of 16 sizes of tile are designed to be utilised in a random width, diminishing course design. Four different heights and four different widths are fitted together to make a truly attractive, substantial and desirable roof.

With the pattern already planned by us and the tile sizes already designed to fit the plan, then the roofer need spend little time cutting and more time laying down the roof.

With the batten schedule supplied and the roof tiles supplied in crates direct to site, then our service starts to make life so much easier.

Because we carefully calculate your requirements and our comprehensive selection of roof tiles fit the purpose, then there is very low product wastage. Despite being the same type of stone as our paving range, these are NOT PAVING SLABS, but calibrated, hand selected tiles for the purpose of roofing.

Please click here to contact us regarding the stockist for our sandstone roofing range.

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