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Paving Trends To Look Out For In 2019

KWH - Autumn Brown KWH - Autumn Brown

If sprucing up your garden or driveway is on your list of 2019 new year resolutions, we’re here to help. We have summarised some of the biggest and best paving trends that are set to be popular over the coming year with homeowners, all of which are guaranteed to help you create a stunning outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Natural look paving

Choosing natural looking paving over unique and dramatic styles will continue to take preference in the new year. The garden is a place to relax and recuperate, and there’s no better setting to do that in than one that is calming and brings you closer to nature. Natural paving or natural look paving is much more likely to add to that sense of calm than unnatural themes.

Neutral shades and textures should be considered when looking for a natural style paving. We have a vast collection of natural style paving, including italian porcelain pavers, natural limestone paving and natural sandstone paving, to name a few.

Bringing the inside out

Put bringing the outside in aside for a moment – this year, it’s all about bringing the inside out! For many years now, homeowners have been adapting their outdoor space so that it blends seamlessly with their indoors. Whether that’s through transitioning from entertainment space to another, or through the similar design elements involved, 2019 is set to continue this trend of perfectly pairing the outside with the inside of the home.

Whether you’re completely new to the idea, or you’re looking for ways to add to what you’ve already done in this arena, there are plenty of ways to bring the inside out. Consider contrasting colours scattered throughout the space, the use of large planters as opposed to flower beds, and larger spaces of harder underfoot materials through the use of paving.

A space for young adults

Many would agree that there’s a lack of safe spaces for teenagers to make the most of their years of growing into an adult, and that as parents, it’s important to provide them with this space. 2019 will see more homeowners adapting their outdoor spaces to cater for the needs of their teenagers turning into young adults. Whether that’s through their own seating area with fire pit, or through a dedicated outdoor building where they can listen to music and relax – it’s entirely up to you how you plan to add more space for your growing children, but we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the new year.

Wood effect paving

Adding to what we said earlier about natural paving styles becoming even more popular in 2019, we’re expecting to see many more household making use of wood effect paving as part of this trend.

People are known to love the warmth, style and natural ambience of wood, but the real thing isn’t the most practical to have as an outdoor flooring. That’s why many paving manufacturers, such as ourselves, are now supplying wood effect paving, so that homeowners can enjoy the look of wood without the issues that would arise with the real thing outdoors.

Irregular paving layouts

Adding even further to the natural feel for 2019 will be the trend towards incorporating irregular paving layouts. Large, unsymmetrical slabs mixed with smaller stepping stones will create natural looking pathways throughout your garden.

You could take this trend even further by opting for paving that has a slight texture to it, as opposed to the smoother surface paving options. Imperfections add to the sense of something seeming natural, so textured paving will really boost this trend in the new year.

Use this trend predictions to plan ahead and work on creating your dream outdoor space in the new year. In no time at all, you’ll have an on-trend garden that everyone will admire, just in time for entertaining in the spring or summer.

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