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Our Guide To Finding The Right Landscape Gardening Contractor

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There are many individuals who will, at one point or another, require the services of a landscape gardening contractor.

You could be a homeowner, looking for a team of landscapers to work on a project for you, a landscaper starting out and looking for tips to grow your business, or a landscaper looking for contractors to help you with a bigger project. Whatever your reasons are for being on the lookout for a landscape gardening contractor, it’s vital that you do some research to find the best contractor for you.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted the key considerations you should make before choosing to hire a landscape gardening contractor. With a little research, comparing and whittling down, you should feel comfortable knowing you have found the right contractor for your needs.

Use directories to find a number of contractors in your area

Directories can help you to find exactly what you’re looking for, by providing a list of landscape gardening contractors all in one place, rather than leaving you to search through the endless number of results on Google.

Directories will typically include the name of the company, their details and how you can contact them, making it quick and simple for you to begin comparing contractors and whittling down the list to find the best one for you.

We have a directory of landscape gardening contractors here on our website, ready for you to make use of. Use our list of recommended contractors to begin researching to discover the best professional for you.

If you’re a landscaper: Make sure to sign up to our directory, to boost your chances of being found by the right customers!

Have they carried out similar work in the past?

The right landscape gardening contractor for your own specific needs, will have completed a number of projects, similar to yours, in the past. You should be able to see this in their portfolio of work, either on their website or when they come to meet you and discuss your project.

If possible, you should try to see some of the contractor’s work in real life, as well as reading through their reviews. Ask some of the contractors you have in mind, to provide details of where they have carried out work in the past, then ask the homeowner if you can take a look at the finished product.

If you want your project done right the first time round, without any hiccups along the way, this is a vital part of your research.

If you’re a landscaper: Take a look at what other projects other landscapers are offering out there, and use this to help build your own services.

Compare their reviews to those for other contractors

Reviews are a natural seal of approval from a landscape gardening contractor’s previous customers. Having these reviews available can assure you that you’re hiring a recommended contractor and that you can expect high-quality work from them.

Make sure to look at reviews on a third party website, rather than the reviews highlighted on the contractor’s website alone. Contractors can easily pick and choose their very best reviews to display on their website, but a third party website will offer any and every review that’s been left for them. This will give you an unbiased view of what to expect when hiring a particular landscape gardening contractor.

If you’re a landscaper: Reviews will help to grow your business and set your quality work out from the competition. Ask customers to leave a review of your services on these websites, to help build up your list of recommendations.

Don’t forget to compare prices

It makes sense to gather a number of quotes from a select few landscape gardening contractors, before making a decision on which to hire. By now, you’ve probably narrowed down your list to a select few, and the cost of their services could be the deciding factor.

Try to go for a contractor whose pricing is somewhere in the middle of others. The cheapest contractor may not provide the most quality work, whereas the most expensive contractor’s work probably won’t differ much from the middle-priced professional.

If you’re a landscaper: Do a little desk research to find out what other landscapers are charging in your area and use this to help determine your own costings. Again, try not to price yourself out of the competition, by being the cheapest or most expensive professional in the area.

These pointers should help you to safely narrow down the list of landscape gardening contractors, ready for you to make a decision on the best professional for you to hire.

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