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Landscaping with Railway Sleepers

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Railway sleepers are a fantastic way of adding more to your outdoor space, whether that’s for improving the garden’s function or to boost its style and appearance. They are very affordable and accessible, and are incredibly easy to install into a garden too!

If you’re considering how to use railway sleepers as part of your very own landscaping project, discover some of the inspirational ways in which other like minded people have introduced railway sleepers to their own garden projects.

What are railway sleepers?

A railway sleeper is essentially a large rectangular block that forms part of a standard railway track. They are placed underneath the tracks to hold them upright and to make sure they stay in the correct position. Railway sleepers used to be made out of wood, however concrete versions are now becoming more popular.

Not only are railway sleepers useful as part of a train track support system, they also make great additions to a garden design. As they are strong, durable and fairly inexpensive, you will find many gardens throughout the UK making use of railway sleepers, both brand new or reclaimed.

How to use railway sleepers in your landscaping project

As simple as railway sleepers are in terms of their design, they can come in handy for a whole host of garden features.

Creating borders

Railway sleepers are perfect for creating borders around other aspects of your landscaping project. Whether you’re looking to define the edging of a patio or fancy separating the surrounding garden beds from the centre features of your garden, these simple yet surprisingly useful additions can make a real impact to any borders you want to create.

They are especially useful for installing around garden pathways, to define the route throughout the space and to separate the path from other areas of the garden. What’s more, railways sleepers can provide a lovely contrast against various paving styles, which can add a little more depth to the pathway and the overall garden design.

Raised flower beds & planters

Modern landscaping projects often consist of various patterns, textures and levels coming together in one space, to create a contemporary garden that blends seamlessly with the inside of the home.

Railway sleepers can be used to introduce various levels to the garden, by creating raised flower beds and planters at various levels with them. The more green fingered gardener might also want to add some vegetable patches to their garden through the installation of railway sleepers. Whatever your preference when it comes to raised planting spaces, railway sleeper are a surefire way to build them into your space.


If you’re planning to use your garden for plenty of socialising, you may want to consider adding as much seating into the space as possible. Railway sleepers can help you to add ample amounts of seating within the garden, even in some of the smaller spaces.

You can build benches, seats and armchairs out of railway sleepers, whatever suits your garden style best. Armchairs made from railway sleepers can take up a large amount of space, whereas benches can be tucked away around the sides of your space and in corners, too.

Top Tip: For a more unique approach, you could blend raised flower beds with benches and combine the two through the use of railway sleepers!


Separate spaces throughout your garden through the use of steps made from railway sleepers. You can get as creative as you want with this particular landscaping project – from a simple three-step structure to ongoing staircases that curve around a bend.

Pairing railway sleepers with aggregate materials such as pebbles or stone chips can work together to create a truly stunning set of steps in your garden. The railway sleepers will create the structure, whilst the aggregate will cover the space where you will walk. Together, the two natural materials can make a lovely addition to your landscaping project.

There are so many ways in which railway sleepers can be used as part of a garden landscaping project, but these recommendation are some of the most popular. From the natural elements they can bring to your garden, to their low price tag and durability, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t consider adding railway sleepers to you own landscaping project.

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