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Crema Marfil Tiles

A tiled floor is the perfect choice for many homes because it is resistant and easy to maintain. When our customers are searching for an attractive option for their homes, they frequently choose Crema Marfil tiles. Is there a reason why this best selling product is so popular?

Crema Marfil tiles are a beautiful cream colour with cinnamon veins that trail through each surface. This visual combination is easy on the eye and therefore can lend itself to many settings. There is no common room choice for which Crema Marfil tiles are used. They are found in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and studies. Crema Marfil tiles can be chosen as the flooring for every room in the house. This is because of its neutral appearance which works well with other colours in each room. It can also be used for room features such as kitchen tiles or fireplace tiles because of its easy upkeep and unobtrusive look.

There are many Crema Marfil tiles on the market but just because they have the same name, does not mean the quality is consistently high. Make sure that your Crema Marfil tiles are first-class and have a higher grade classification. This is shown by the tiles possessing a pale background which is cleaner in appearance, consistent in colour, and with less veins. Lower grade Crema Marfil tiles are not uniform when laid. This can give the appearance of patchwork because each tile is a slightly different shade with a varying quantity of veins. Too many veins can be attributed to increased breakages when cutting or installing these tiles.

Crema Marfil tiles provide a peaceful and calming appearance to any room. The fresh tone of these tiles contribute to an environment which looks clean. The light shade of Crema Marfil tiles open up the space as opposed to darker tiles which can make a room appear smaller. The faint veins are not distracting or busy and therefore do not overshadow the whole vista.

Crema Marfil tiles are indicative of good taste. The subtle shade, minimal pattern and high quality of these tiles mean that they are associated with elegance and style. People buy understated Crema Marfil tiles, to recreate a classic marble appearance. However, the cinnamon veins also provide it with a fresh, contemporary twist. Crema Marfil tiles can compliment traditional dark wood furniture or can offset modern metallic furniture. There really are no boundaries when selecting Crema Marfil tiles, guaranteeing that you can choose to finish your room in any style.

Crema Martil tiles are hard-wearing due to their limestone composition. Crema Martil tiles comprise of hand-picked, high grade rock which is selected from quarries due to its superior qualities. The lack of veins ensure that the tiles will cope with the cutting and installation process. Once fitted, these tiles can endure regular and sustained use. They will not only withstand energetic, playful children or lively fitness routines, they will also hold heavy furniture with ease. Crema Martil tiles can easily be cleaned and polished to maintain a brand new appearance.

Crema Marfil tiles are fantastic value. They are made to last and their classic appearance will stand the test of time. You may eventually become tired of tiles with a more intricate design or brighter shade, however this is not possible with such a subtle look. People choose Crema Martil tiles because they are of supreme quality and are suitable for all stages of one’s life. Crema Martil tiles will appeal to a young couple as well as people much older. The durable and easy to clean surface is also appreciated in a busy family environment. If and when you decide to sell your house, you can be assured that these attractive, quality tiles can remain and will be complemented by potential home-buyers, whatever their style.

We do not expect Crema Marfil tiles to dwindle in popularity any time soon.

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