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Alternative Paving Ideas

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If you’re about to embark on a paving project on your property, it’s likely that you’re doing it to freshen the place up. Sure, it always helps to seal cracks, make more of your land usable, and protect the foundations of your home, but an important part of any landscaping project is the aesthetic appeal.

You don’t necessarily want your new paving to stand out. Instead, you want your paving to catch people’s attention for all the right reasons. Rather than being ignored as a typical ‘catalogue-bought’ landscaping design, try to put some character and style into your garden. These alternative paving ideas will help you do just that and, with our RF Paving team here to help, you’ll get the paving arrangement you’ve been dreaming of.

Unusual Paving Stones

In many ways, the paving around your home represents your personality. Try playing with different textures, materials, and colours to see what really works for you. Boring and previously dull parts of your property get a new lease of life when you spice things up a bit – especially when you do so with unusual paving stones.

Instead of using bric-a-brac concrete paving, why not see if Flamed Dark Grey Granite paving lights up the space instead? This super-clean slab creates a contemporary look that’s much more attractive than concrete.

Get creative in your garden by thinking outside the box. Our Kota Black Limestone paving is brooding, sassy, and sharp. Finished with modern outdoor furniture, you’ll find yourself spending much more time in your garden than you thought.

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone is a gentler paving that oozes identity. The mellow tones are certainly distinct but, when they’re paired with the right aggregate, you’ll create cosy, slow-paced paving that stands out from the crowd without distracting from your overall look.

Unique Patterns

So do you have to use never-before-seen materials just to make your garden exciting? Of course you don’t. In fact, you can create an alternative look with some of the old classics – you just have to do something original.

You can add space to your garden, demand attention, and even create a feeling of calm by doing something as simple as laying your paving with a unique pattern. Why not play with the pattern and see just how different you can be?

Simple square pavers are instantly forgettable – but only when they’re laid in a boring way. You can easily create a sense of speed by laying square-shaped slabs at 45-degree angles to one another. In this striking diamond-shaped pattern, the slabs naturally draw your attention to a highlight of the property.

But what about laying down stepping stones – literally? Even the most basic slabs become more interesting when they’re ‘broken’ up to create a path over a bed of gravel. It’s an instantly appealing and natural look.

On a smaller scale, pebbles, cobbles, and aggregates can be used to complement larger stones and add depth to your garden. Waves, swirls, and fan-style patterns are all achievable looks and they’re certainly unique.

Don’t Be A Square

We’ll bet you haven’t even thought about using circular-shaped paving. It’s understandable – many British gardens are dominated by sleek, square-cut slabs. By using circular slabs and tiles you’ll already be doing something that few of your neighbours had the imagination to conjure up.

And if circular slabs aren’t for you, then why not make a circular feature instead? This creates a natural focal point and a peaceful ‘centre’ in the garden. Use brick circles to surround a flower bed, or highlight a magnificent tree that deserves to be recognised.

But circular features don’t necessarily have to surround something. A great alternative idea is to establish the patio area (with enough space for garden chairs, barbeques, and couches) by laying the slabs in a circular design.

You don’t have to be dramatic with these alternative ideas either – circular setts, for instance, are a simple addition that undoubtedly certainly adds character to simple lawns. Larger country gardens will also benefit from the casual feeling that circular paving creates. Flowers can overspill onto circular paving since no strict borders are in place.

Alternative Inspiration with RF Paving

Trust us when we say this: there’s no idea we haven’t heard before. There’s nothing we love more than helping you bring style and character to your property in a completely unique way.

Whether you do that with eye-catching stones, unusual patterns, or circular slabs, we can help. Our RF Paving team have helped thousands of homes throughout the United Kingdom get the unique look they were looking for.

Visit our trade centres, browse our stock of unusual stones, and get in touch today to find out how we can make your dreams become a reality.

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