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A Guide To Landscaping With Pavers

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Paving is a fantastic way of improving your current outdoor space, whether that’s focused on your family garden or your driveway. With so many different colours, textures and patterns to choose from when it comes to paving, you can tailor your landscaping project to one that’s completely unique to your own personal taste.

In our guide to landscaping with pavers, discover some of the most popular ways of adding paving to an outdoor space, along with some personal favourites of ours that we believe are truly fantastic landscaping projects that have been brought together through the use of paving.

Paved patios

Paving can help to create an elegant and durable patio that you, your family and your friends can enjoy together for many years to come. With so many styles and tones to choose from, you can create a patio that gives off the exact ambiance you would like it to, whether that’s a cool and contemporary feel or a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.

Depending on the shape and size of your garden, as well as your own individual tastes, there are different styles of paved patios that you could introduce to your outdoor space:

Circular paved patios

Circular paved patios offer a unique addition to any garden and can be paired with other circular garden components, such as the lawn, or can be the single circular component so as to draw the eye towards it.

Traditional patios

Traditional patios typically blend in with their surroundings, pairing well with the house exterior and stretching across the width of the garden in a simple rectangular shape. Warmer pavers are often used for a more traditional look, to stay in keeping with the look of a traditional UK home.

Contemporary patios

Contemporary patios are created using modern pavers that are smooth and sleek in design, in grey or cream shades. They can be geometric in shape, or straight and simple, whatever meets your own tastes best. The biggest importance when it comes to creating a contemporary paved patio is to keep things simple and not to go over the top in its design.

Paved pathways

Forget the likes of gravel and brickwork – to achieve a truly superb pathway leading the way around your garden, you can’t get any better than paving. Whether you’re planning to work a pathway into the edges of your garden or you fancy one that cuts and bends through the various components, a paved pathway will give a quality and durable finish to your walkway around your outdoor space.

There are two popular ways to approach a paved pathway design, which we have detailed below along with some examples of paved pathways jobs well done:

Fully paved pathways

Fully paved pathways provide plenty of definition across your garden, especially when they travel through the middle and bend in various places. If you’re looking for a pathway that really stands out in your space, a fully paved pathway is the best way to tackle your landscaping.

Stepping stone pathways

Stepping stone pathways consist of pavers that have been paired with an aggregate material such as gravel, sand or crushed stone, for example. This type of pathway is easily disguised and can blend into its surroundings, so if you’re looking for a more natural landscape design, stepping stone pathways are the favourable choice. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to this paving design – you can opt for large even pavers spaced evenly across the garden, or you can choose smaller irregular pavers for a more scattered effect.

Paved driveways

If you’re planning a more practical landscaping project such as a durable driveway, paving can work wonders here as well! They are much more long-lasting than gravel or concrete and are much more aesthetically pleasing, too. There’s more than one way of creating a stunning paved driveway that you’ll be proud to display outside your home, of which details can be found below:

Fully paved driveways

Fully paved driveways are probably the most common of these types of landscaping projects, as they are the most practical of the two options. Large pavers cover the entire driveway space, allowing room for as many cars as possible, all whilst providing a sleek and sophisticated appearance at the front of your home. If you do decide to go for a fully paved driveway, opt for pavers that are a different shade to the outside of your house, to avoid too much of one colour and to prevent the two from blending together.

Block paved driveways

Block paved driveways describe the driveways made up of smaller brick or cobble like pavers in different shades, which join together to create a durable and lovely looking driveway. They look best when paired with a small space of greenery or with some modern flower beds by the side of the driveway. Together, the natural garden additions and the block paved driveway creates a stunning entrance to your home that you’ll look forward to coming home to everyday.

These popular paved landscaping projects are just a few of the ways in which you can introduce pavers to your outdoor space. We hope that with our suggestions and with the inspirational projects that we’ve highlighted throughout our guide, you’ll be able to plan the perfect paving project to meet your own specific needs.

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